Are you considering becoming a travel nurse? As you search for travel nurse jobs and prepare to potentially move across the country for a temporary nursing position, there are some key things you should know going in. According to the World Health Statistics Report, worldwide, there are an estimated 29 million nurses and midwives, with 3.9 million located in the United States. Being informed on what to expect can set you up for success in your travel nurse job search and time on assignment.

Deciding Where You Want to Go

One of the best parts of travel nurse jobs is getting to explore new places. When searching for assignments, think about where you’d like to live for three to six months. Have you always wanted to live near the beach in California? Does the buzz of a big city like Chicago appeal to you? Or maybe you want to live somewhere with a unique culture and landscape like the Pacific Northwest. Determine your top location choices before diving into your job search. This will help match you to assignments you’ll enjoy.

Understanding Pay Packages

An appealing aspect of travel nurse jobs is the pay. However, understanding pay packages is imperative. Travel nurse salaries include your hourly base rate, which can vary greatly depending on location and demand. On top of your base rate, most assignments also offer tax-free stipends for housing, meals, and incidentals. Be sure to look closely at the breakdowns of pay packages when comparing assignments to choose the most lucrative offer.

Finding the Right Recruiter

A key component in landing one of the many available travel nurse jobs is working with an excellent recruiter. Your recruiter markets your skills, negotiates your contracts, and supports you throughout your assignment. Interview a few recruiters to get a feel for who you connect with. Ask about their years of experience, number of travel nurses placed, and how available they’ll be during your contract. Finding a detail-oriented recruiter who understands your skills and interests can help you secure one of the best travel nursing assignments.

Preparing for a travel nursing assignment takes research, planning, and working with a top-notch recruiter. But once you land one of the many available travel nurse jobs, you can expect adventure, new experiences, and the chance to excel professionally while exploring different corners of the country. If you’re looking for travel nurse jobs, Concentric Healthcare Staffing can help you find the right assignment for your needs.

Posted 1/15/23