“Concentric Healthcare is the best!! I know that my recruiter has my back and he is the best!! Yeah Rip !!!! He has always taken great care of me! He is like family. I have worked for other companies, but they are not like Concentric. If you want to travel and have the best experience, please use Concentric. Trust me, I am a very picky person and only like the best!!!”

Cynthia A., Travel Nurse

“Most of my Surgical/Pharmacy employees have been with me for over a year, and I know it’s because Concentric allows me to pay my employees top pay and gives me the autonomy needed to manage my division. You have to earn what you make and not expect it to be handed to you, and your hard work is definitely recognized at Concentric Healthcare Staffing.”

Jennifer M., Hiring Manager

“Concentric is the best nursing agency ever! Worked with Cola and she is very personable and always goes out of her way to ensure you’re taken care of. She responds quickly to all your needs, fixes any errors, and is an ear when you need one. She has a big heart and is the main reason I chose this company as a travel nurse because she is the best recruiter out there.”

Krisann N., Travel Nurse

“Stephen was so easy to work with from the very beginning of our conversation. He listened to who I was and what I was looking for. He is not pushing me to change my needs and that is important to me.

I am looking forward to working with him in the very near future.”

Susan G., RNC

I work in the travel division and i love this company. They offer a “no ceiling” environment to grow your career to heights you wouldn’t believe. The management takes care of there employees and if you work hard you will be rewarded.

Joe S., Hiring Manager

I love this company they are wonderful to work for. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for work in the Mental Health field. They are knowledgeable, helpful, and on-call 24 hours a day.”

Queen T., Hiring Manager

“I have had the pleasure of working with Jennifer and Chris in trying to secure either a contract or per-diem work as a Surgical Technologist. Their professionalism, communication, encouragement, and enthusiasm has been reassuring as I have moved through this process. I am greatly appreciative of all their efforts on my behalf! They have been fantastic to work with!”

Renee O., Surgical Technologist

“I have been with Concentric since 2013. I started traveling in 2014 and have never had a problem. The entire crew at Concentric is very professional and personable, it is nice to be able to call in and have people remember your name. I have been working with Nick for a year now and can honestly say the past year has been the best yet.

Nick is always willing to go the extra mile to make sure his nurses are taken care of and he always makes it a point to check in at least once a week even if that means leaving a message because “night shifters” sleep during the day. Nick has exceeded my expectations as a recruiter and I hope to work with him for a long time!”

Michelle H., Travel Nurse

I have been with Concentric Healthcare Solutions for 2 years this March 2019. Nick Jimenez has been my go to person at Concentric. He has been there for me thru thick and thin. He is always there to lend an ear to listen to my stories about traveling.

When I have needed help out on the road he has been with me every step of the way. If he doesn’t have an answer for me, he is truthful and finds the answer and calls me back with workable solutions. The one good thing I like about Nick, he calls me at least once a week to check on me. I feel like they really care about me and I’m not just a $ for them. If Nick is unavailable he has backup and I’m not left holding the bag with no answers. I have loved being a Travel Nurse and I’m glad I work with Concentric Healthcare Solutions.

Wanda P., Travel Nurse

“Justin is one of the best, most compassionate, good supporter, listener, and encouraging recruiter I have ever met!! I can’t complain at all! When you have recruiters that care and bond with their clients you keep them for a lifetime!! I am glad to be a part of Concentric they are THE BEST!!! Thank you Justin for believing in me and giving your all! I couldn’t ask for anything better!”

Rinia B., Surgical Technologist

“There isn’t one bad thing I need to say about Justin. From day one you have gone above and beyond. Chatting and communicating with me on a regular basis. Even sending me to your supervisor, Jennifer, who is absolutely fantastic. I got a job within a day because of you. I consider you now my new friend and I am going to work with you for as long as I can. Thank you Justin, great job. Keep it up.”

Brian F., Certified Surgical Scrub Tech

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