Concentric Healthcare is a leading healthcare staffing company who understands the needs of medical facilities. Our professional service finds the right candidate for every position and is available 24/7 for your assistance.

We offer temporary, temp to perm, contract, travel and direct placement positions in a wide variety of medical specialties and facilities.
While our offices are located in Scottsdale, AZ, Concentric Healthcare Staffing provides staffing services to all 50 states, and our representatives are available by phone 24/7.
Concentric provides staffing for Nursing, Behavioral Health, Radiology, Therapy, Pharmacy, Physicians, Practitioners, Laboratory, and Administrative.
Yes. Concentric Healthcare maintains minimal overhead which allows us to pass along savings to our clients. Concentric understands that each client is unique and we structure each agreement to meet the specific needs and goals of your organization. This focus on your needs – rather than a one-size-fits-all approach – allows us to create the most cost-effective plan for you.
Yes. Further information is available through our Travel division.

There is no required minimum number of hours per week to be a Concentric employee.

Usually, and this varies by facility. While some facilities may simply require you show up early to your first shift to fill out any necessary paperwork and receive a quick orientation, other facilities may require several hours of orientation or attendance at a scheduled orientation event.
As with most professional employment, the pay range is dependent on several factors including years of experience, specific facilities, and specific job functions.
You are able to designate the specific facilities you are willing to be assigned, leaving the travel distance in your hands.

Working with professionals, we expect at least a 24-hour notice to call off for a shift unless an emergency situation occurs.

Yes. Shift bonuses are available for specific shifts and facilities.

Concentric Healthcare Staffing employees can enroll in direct deposit, pick up a paycheck in the office, or request that we mail your check to you.

Concentric Healthcare Staffing issues paychecks weekly.

Please advise Concentric Healthcare staffers as soon as possible.

Each facility is different. Contact your Concentric Healthcare staffer prior to the shift.

Yes. Benefits are available for those employees who qualify and who complete enrollment. Further information is available in your employee packet.

Depending on specialty, Concentric Healthcare Staffing offers full time and part-time positions.

Full-time work is dependent upon your availability and the number of facilities you designate. The most flexible employees work the most hours.

Absolutely. Concentric Healthcare is perfect for employees who are looking to make some extra money in addition to their full-time job.

There can be many reasons; some therapists travel to explore the country, some desire a higher compensation, and some use the assignments as a platform to try out new settings. A contract/travel career can be the perfect combination of location, pay, benefits, and professional opportunities.

You must have a valid degree in your area of practice from an accredited healthcare professional program in the United States, AND have passed the national licensure exam with an active license in the state you are seeking work.

As part of the hiring requirements, professionals must be accomplished in their specific fields with all necessary licensing and continuing education. Beyond that, there is no additional training required.

No. Your application or employee paperwork is simply used to qualify you for potential employment. However, if you decide to pursue a job, this will be all the information we need to submit your profile to one of our client facilities.

No. Your obligation lasts for the length of the particular therapy job to which you commit, although we welcome long-term, on-going relationships with all qualified professionals.

Yes. In addition to permanent and per diem opportunities, Concentric Healthcare offers a form of employment called “local travel” or blocked bookings. We can place you in a facility within your desired commute as a contract therapist for a period of time. This allows you to enjoy all the benefits of a travel therapy job without leaving your family or friends.

If the facility offers to extend your travel therapy assignment, you can elect to sign a new contract and remain there for another contracted period of time. If either you or the facility do not wish to extend the current assignment, your Concentric Healthcare staffer will work with you to find a new placement.

In addition to access during regular business hours, our healthcare professionals are provided our on-call number so their staffer can be reached 24/7 for emergencies or pressing questions.

Business casual for residential facilities; scrubs for nursing homes, hospitals, and long term care facilities.

All shift times are available and you could be called to fill a position mid-shift after it has already begun.

Your staffer will discuss this with you based upon your individual job description.

For answers to any additional questions, please contact your staffer directly or Concentric Healthcare by calling 855-466-8773.

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