Healthcare staffing shortages continue to loom, making it easier to find a job, especially through a travel nursing company. The healthcare industry is also increasing, helping people enjoy job security. According to NurseJournal, nurse assistants may see an 8% job growth up through 2030. Many people are wondering if now is the right time to become a nursing assistant. Here, we’ll dive into why they’re right: a nursing career is the right move.

Diverse Opportunities

A nursing assistant has various opportunities to ensure you can find a job you’re happy with. Nurse assistants can work with the elderly or disabled in nursing homes. They can work with a travel nurse company to see the world while working as a temporary employee in various settings. These professionals can also work in home health care or jobs with flexible hours.

Cool Incentives

Many facilities need help finding employees, so more of them offer incentives to attract new employees. You’re more likely to find incentives like sign-on bonuses, better employee healthcare plans, and more. Some companies provide more vacation time or PTO to help attract employees and increase employee retention.

Career Advancement

Many people in the medical profession start as STNAs or nursing assistants. Becoming a nursing assistant is an excellent stepping stone towards advancing your career. A lot of agencies offer tuition reimbursement. Some may pay for additional education if you agree to work for them after graduation. Becoming a nursing assistant lets you see various careers and opportunities in the healthcare industry, making it a great idea if you’re undecided.

Job Security

One of the most alluring parts of this career is the employment opportunities. When other people are laid off from work, people will still need healthcare professionals. Many nursing assistants can enjoy stable employment during times of crisis and and may easily find a job with the help of a travel nursing company.

Now, more people are entering the nursing and healthcare professions (and for good reason). If you’re a nursing assistant or considering becoming one, our staffing agency can help you land a job you’ll love. For more information about our travel nursing company or to get started with us, don’t hesitate to contact us today at Concentric Healthcare Staffing.