If you want to become a respiratory therapist, it’s an amazing ambition. RTs provide such meaningful care to patients with breathing and cardiopulmonary disorders. To land a coveted respiratory therapist job, you’ll need the right education, skills, and traits. According to the World Health Organization, it’s estimated that we will be lacking nearly 10 million healthcare workers by 2030. If you’re ready to help this number decrease, here are some of the key qualifications needed for respiratory therapist jobs.

1. Get the Proper Education and Training

At a minimum, you’ll need an associate’s degree from an accredited respiratory therapy program. Some hospitals may prefer bachelor’s degrees. Your coursework should cover areas like human anatomy, pulmonary physiology, respiratory pharmacology, and diagnostic procedures. You’ll also get supervised clinical experience. After graduating, you must pass exams like the TMC and CRT to get licensed in your state. Proper education and training is a must.

2. Cultivate Critical Thinking Skills

Strong critical thinking skills are vital. Respiratory therapists must continually monitor patients, analyze complex data, adjust treatment plans, and act quickly in emergencies. You’ll need to synthesize multiple factors to solve problems. Seek out coursework and clinical opportunities that build these skills. Consider pursuing additional training in areas like critical care as well. The stronger your analytical abilities, the better prepared you’ll be to thrive as a respiratory therapist.

3. Demonstrate Technical Expertise

Comfort operating equipment like ventilators, CPAP machines, oxygen delivery devices, and EKGs is a must. You’ll be responsible for calibrating and maintaining these technologies to ensure proper functioning. Coursework can teach you the basics, but you should try to get as much hands-on experience as possible. The more adept you are at using respiratory therapy equipment, the more confidence employers will have in your abilities.

4. Have a Patient-Focused Attitude

RTs interact closely with patients to administer treatment, educate, and provide emotional support during recovery. You need empathy, compassion, and solid communication skills. Seek out clinical opportunities that allow you to hone your bedside manner. With the right patient-centered attitude, you’ll provide the best care.

With millions of open healthcare jobs available, skilled respiratory therapists like you are in demand. Showcase your qualifications, and you’ll be ready to launch a rewarding career. Finding the right respiratory therapist job can increase your job satisfaction and make going to work more enjoyable. Our staffing agency focuses on staffing positions in the medical field. Reach out to Concentric Healthcare Staffing today to get help finding a job!