For people who are working on a mental health issue, a therapist can aid them greatly with the process. According to Teletherapist Network, most therapists who work 40 hours a week deal with about 30 clients. Regardless of the number of clients, a therapist should still do their best to make you feel listened to. In addition to using a healthcare staffing solution, here are some examples of things a great therapist should do, so you know what to look for.


People want a therapist who listens to them, so they can start by making sure they’re a good listener. It helps to offer small reassurances every once in a while to let the patients know they’re actively listening to what they have to say.


Listening isn’t the only thing therapists have to do. A good therapist is also able to observe body language and look for any signs that may clue them into how a person a feeling. While listening to what the clients have to say, the therapist should also be looking for non-verbal signs that may indicate certain feelings.


With all the patients the average therapist has to deal with, it can be hard to stay calm and give the same consistent attention to each client. A therapist can really set themself apart as a therapist by making an effort to show they’re patient and willing to adjust to their clients.


A good healthcare staffing solution can only take you so far if you’re not providing the best service. People talk to therapists because it’s an easy way to talk to someone who won’t judge them. Being non-judgmental goes a long way toward making a more trustworthy therapist.


As a therapist, it’s important that they step outside of their beliefs and respect the choices of their clients as long as they’re not unhealthy. Respect is a critical part of building trust with clients, but personal opinions are going to differ from those of the clients. As long as there’s a foundation of respect, therapists can communicate honestly with their clients.

Seeing a therapist is a big step, which is why people spend so much time researching therapists to make the best choice. If you’re looking for a healthcare staffing solution to help you find more therapists to join your practice, contact Concentric Healthcare Staffing to learn more.