If you have seen an advertisement on your TV or newspaper announcing a vacancy for a traveling RN, you might have considered entering this field. Taking the plunge can bring you a good salary to build your future. According to the Registered Nursing Organization, traveling nurses earned $1,673 weekly during the Covid 19 pandemic. Currently, they can make over $4,000 weekly. Being a traveling registered nurse (RN) offers an even higher salary at this point in the pandemic.

But the salary should not be your only consideration if you pursue this path. You need to know what the job entails to see whether you are a good fit. For starters, you can expect to travel a lot, covering regions from coast to coast as the job demands. Generally, here are the responsibilities of a traveling RN.

Administering Drugs and Vaccines

One of the most important things a traveling RN does is visit patients at homes, schools, or other organizations to administer medications and vaccinations. You will be involved in performing various tests such as blood pressure and glucose tests to ensure patients are healthy.

Inspecting Patients’ Progress

A Traveling RN inspects patients’ recovery from diseases and wounds. For instance, they determine whether the wounds need more dressing and attend to injuries. They also check on the patient’s overall health and write reports to present at their respective hospitals. They also offer advice to help speed along the patient recovery process. For example, they will offer suggestions for diets and medicines.

Offering Healthcare In Rural Region

Most rural areas are underdeveloped, meaning people living in these areas have challenges accessing basic healthcare services. To ensure the people in these places receive proper healthcare, the government sends traveling RN regularly to the rural regions.

Attending To Patients Under Intensive Care

Other than traveling to see patients in schools or homes, governments and healthcare institutions may request traveling RN to work in hospitals. In such cases, traveling nurses attend to patients in intensive care units.

Working as a traveling RN is a demanding but highly rewarding role. The work requires high professionalism, which calls for people passionate about nursing. If you decide this is the right fit for you and you complete your training, consider joining our team at Concentric Healthcare Staffing. We are always looking for dedicated and reliable healthcare professionals to provide services where they are needed most.