Although we continue to see more equality and diversity in the workplace, it’s common to see more women in a travel nursing job than men. According to Zippia, about 84.1% of all traveling nurses are women, with only 15.9% being men. Working in a female-dominated field can be challenging for a male, but these tips will help.


Building relationships with people is essential to enjoying your work and personal life. Maintain professional relationships and accept invitations to hang out after work. Meeting new people in a new area can make the experience of a travel nursing job even better. Contact people on social media or join sites to meet locals, but remember to practice internet safety. Building professional relationships creates a sense of belonging at work.


It’s easy to feel like the odd man out when you’re constantly the new guy at work. At a travel nursing job, it can take a few jobs to get the hang of living in a new city and repeatedly working with a new team. However, teamwork is essential. Nurses are always part of a team. Working as a team can also foster friendship and help you feel a sense of camaraderie with fellow nurses.


Participate in advocating for equality. Break stereotypes about male nurses when you overhear them. Educating people is a great way to reduce bias in the workplace slowly. Avoid getting defensive or starting arguments. Your response should aim to teach people or to advocate for others in your position.

Working a travel nursing job is a gratifying career that many people enjoy. Today, more men are continuing to enjoy this position. Contact Concentric Healthcare Staffing today to learn more.

Posted 1/11/24