As a registered nurse, you play a critical role in providing high-quality patient care. With so much responsibility resting on your shoulders, it’s important to stand out as a truly stellar nurse. Doing so takes dedication, empathy, expertise, and initiative. If you’re thinking about going into the nursing field, you aren’t alone. Between the years 2016 through 2026, the federal government estimates that more than 200,000 new registered nurse positions will be created yearly. Here are some tips to help you stand out as a stellar registered nurse.

Stay on Top of Continuing Education

As medicine progresses and new research emerges, registered nurses must actively continue learning. Make time for taking courses, going to conferences, and reading literature in your specialty. Furthering your expertise shows a commitment to personal growth that managers take note of. When registered nurses devote themselves to continuing education, patients ultimately receive a higher standard of care.

Communicate Clearly and Compassionately

Outstanding registered nurses balance clinical competence with genuine empathy and compassion. Make sure you listen attentively to patients, answer their questions clearly, and explain treatment plans in an easily understandable manner. Checking in frequently about pain levels or other concerns also demonstrates you care about more than just medical procedures. Patients will remember how you made them feel heard and cared for.

Take Initiative and Leadership

While following physician instructions is important, the most talented registered nurses don’t simply stick to the status quo. If you notice ways current protocols or workflows could improve, speak up respectfully and suggest alternative approaches backed by evidence. Offering to lead new initiatives or projects also helps you gain invaluable experience while allowing your problem-solving skills to shine.

Becoming a registered nurse who stands out takes effort across multiple areas. But making that extra effort is what transforms good nurses into incredible ones. Patients will thank you for it, colleagues will take notice, and you’ll find even greater meaning in your vital calling. By staying up-to-date on medical knowledge, communicating with compassion, and taking on leadership opportunities, your dedication and talent as a registered nurse will be obvious to all. If you’re currently a registered nurse who is looking for the right position for you, Concentric Healthcare Staffing can help you find it. Call us today.


Posted: 12/15/23