There is always a need for travel nurses. According to Zippia, there are 1.75 million of them in America. When a hospital or other medical facility needs to hire more, they will turn to a healthcare staffing company. Likewise, nurses looking to find a hospital to work at will seek similar services. Whether you’re a traveling nurse looking for a placement or a hospital looking for more staff, here’s how to choose a staffing company.

Consider Using a Small Agency

A smaller healthcare staffing company is more likely to be a lot better at vetting their nurses or other personnel. That’s because they can go more in-depth into their applications. It might be harder for a larger agency since they will have a lot more applicants and less time to go through their qualifications. A smaller agency can be much better at matching nurses with their strengths, which helps both them and the place that they go to.

See What Their Track Record Is Like

You can look online and see reviews on these agencies to see what other medical providers are saying. Are they attentive to what their applicants are strongest in, or are they prone to possibly mismatching? Mismatches are bad for everyone involved — the nurse will be out of a job, patients might not get care, and the medical facility will have to go through their whole search process again.

See If They Provide Training or Professional Development

Some staffing companies are content to just send their applicants to a place and let them work the same job without any further development. Your goal as a nurse should be to always learn and be the best in your field. A good company will give you that opportunity so that you can take that from job to job. The places that you are sent to will also want people who can grow professionally.

Whether you’re an applicant or an employer, you want to know who’s in charge of administration at the staffing company and whether there’s a chance for growth there. Then everyone will be happy with the results.

Are you a nurse or hospital looking for a healthcare staffing company that will either bring you into their ranks or send you qualified traveling nurses? Here at Concentric Healthcare Staffing, we pride ourselves on working with the top people. Contact us today to learn more.

Posted 11/2/23