In recent years, the demand for healthcare professionals has grown significantly. Since 2019, hiring for healthcare positions has grown by over 34%, making it one of the fastest-growing industries. As more people enter the workforce, it’s essential that companies know what to look for in a potential hire to ensure that they hire the right candidate for the job. Let’s go over a few key characteristics you should look for in potential hires in the medical industry.

Teamwork Experience

It’s essential not to overlook how valuable being able to work in a team is. Many healthcare professionals will be a valuable part of a team and will need to communicate with team members regularly to ensure that patients receive high-quality care. Ask candidates about previous experience working with teams.

Strong Organizational Skills

Organizational skills are a must for any person in administrative jobs in medical field facilities. Candidates should be able to effectively manage their time, organize tasks that must be completed, and have strong attention to detail. Administrative candidates will have to organize things for the team, patients, and the facility itself.

A Strong Understanding of Healthcare Regulations

It’s essential that anyone working in administrative jobs in medical field positions understand healthcare rules and regulations. These regulations are in place to protect patients and ensure that businesses remain in compliance. Ask candidates if they are familiar with HIPPA regulations, billing procedures and rules, and other regulations the business must follow.

Communication Skills

Administrative staff are often responsible for coordinating things among an entire team, which is necessary for proper patient care. Strong verbal and written communication skills are necessary to accomplish this. Candidates that have experience using medical terminology will be able to communicate with medical staff better, making this a valuable skill to look for.

Technology Proficiency

In today’s digital age, administrative jobs in medical field positions often require the use of technology. Patient charts are accessible via patient portals, and documents are often kept on computers instead of paper. Top candidates will either know how to use the technology the facility uses or be adaptable enough to learn it quickly.


When the team needs a solution, they’ll turn to administrative staff, making it essential that candidates are capable of solving problems in a logical, efficient manner. Look for candidates that have previously held positions that involve problem-solving, such as working in the nursing industry.

Finding the right candidates for a healthcare position requires knowing what to look for during an interview. Browse the rest of our site for more need-to-know information, and don’t hesitate to reach out to Concentric Healthcare Staffing for all of your healthcare staffing needs.