Healthcare is a critically important service in the United States and virtually any other nation. Unfortunately, according to Registered Nursing, California and other states will experience an extreme shortage of qualified nurses by 2030. Here’s a closer look at why the current nursing shortage will worsen over the coming years.

Growing Senior Population

The baby boomer generation is the largest ever in U.S. history, and its members are getting older. By 2030, every baby boomer will be 65 years of age or older, which the U.S. Census Bureau says will increase the nation’s retirement-age population to 21 percent of the total from its current 15 percent share. Senior citizens generally need more healthcare and nursing services, so the supply shortage of qualified nurses will continue to grow.

More Survivable Car Accidents

Safety technology on vehicles is making formerly deadly car accidents far more survivable. Active safety systems, like blind-spot monitoring, lane-keeping assistance, and adaptive cruise control, make accidents less likely. Passive systems, like seat belts, airbags, and crumple zones, make them more survivable, so more people are surviving accidents and placing a greater burden on the healthcare staffing of nurses.

Medical Advancements Overcoming Deadly Conditions

Deadly diseases and other medical conditions are becoming less deadly as medical advancements improve our national healthcare delivery system. The more people survive previously deadly conditions, like cancer or catastrophic injuries, the greater the demand for nurses to help care for them. Unfortunately, the supply of qualified nurses will likely continue to get smaller instead of larger in the near future.

Lack of Nursing Instructors

A qualified nursing instructor has an advanced degree in the nursing field, which makes that person capable of earning a significant amount of money while working as an RN or in a specialized nursing position. Nursing instructors, though, earn about half of what they could in the field, so the nation’s nursing schools have a shortage of qualified instructors. Fewer instructors mean fewer nurses are available for healthcare staffing until more instructors are hired.

Find Qualified Nursing Staff

Our friendly professionals will be happy to discuss our healthcare staffing solutions and help you to overcome the national nursing shortage that will be likely to get worse over time. We can help you to locate qualified nurses who are looking for good career opportunities, including those who need in-home nursing services.


Posted April 5, 2023