Healthcare recruiting is not easy. With high turnover rates, talent shortage, and skills gap, it can be a challenge to find qualified applicants for your vacancies. If you need staff for healthcare administration in Phoenix, hiring the services of a recruitment agency might be your best bet. Here are a few pointers to help you choose the right firm.

Check its Specialization

You want an agency that specializes in providing applicants for healthcare organizations, one that offers specialized staffing solutions. That way, you will be partnering with a firm that is in an excellent position to find high-quality candidates for your hospital or clinic.

Look into its Background

How long has the agency been in business? Find out. If it has been in operation for a long time, then that means one thing: it is doing something its competitors are not. That is an indication that you have good options in your sights.

Consider its Track Record

Further research into the firm’s background should help you get more information about the company’s track record in the industry. Is it a good one? If the firm has stayed open for years while many of its competition has folded up, then that is a clear sign of success. Factor that in when you look for a recruitment agency.

Ask About its Methods

How will the firm help further your recruitment efforts? If you already have job boards and ads running, coordinate with their staff on who will take over those tasks. What kind of services can you expect from them? What platforms will they use? Do they have updated and advanced recruitment tools key to finding qualified applicants? Go over these details before you hire a staffing firm.

Be Clear on What You Want

Working together with a recruitment agency is bound to be easier when you have a clear list of what you need. Make sure you provide the agency with an updated job description. Put in all the responsibilities and tasks for each of those vacancies. An updated list of requirements will help the agency find candidates that are a perfect fit for your organization. If you have yet to update that job board, that could lead to hiring problems and issues.

Do not let staffing shortfalls compromise patient care and safety levels in your healthcare facility. Hire qualified candidates for healthcare administration in Phoenix with the help of Concentric Healthcare Staffing.