Healthcare staffing shortages continue to plague the industry as the demand for skilled professionals increases. There is a need for innovation and high-quality care, but hiring challenges make it difficult to find the right staff. According to the World Health Organization, there is a projected shortage of 10 million healthcare workers by 2030. These tips can give you the healthcare staffing help you need.

1. Staffing Agencies

If you’re experiencing a massive shortage of workers, consider working with a healthcare staffing agency. These agencies help connect employers to employees. They take applications from potential employees and let employers know if they have someone who could fill a position they have available. This may be the healthcare staffing help necessary to ensure a full staff.

2. Employer Brand

A strong employer brand is crucial for attracting top talent. Highlight what sets your workplace apart, such as cutting-edge medical technology, opportunities for professional development, and a supportive work environment. Many healthcare agencies offer tuition reimbursement and other features to attract new employees.

3. Work Environment

We all know the old saying that people don’t quit bad jobs, they quit bad bosses. People are also more likely to leave a toxic work environment. Websites where employees leave reviews continue to increase in popularity, making it challenging for employers with negative reviews to find employees. Create a positive environment by encouraging respect and collaboration. Help prevent burnout by communicating with employees. Make sure everyone knows they’re appreciated.

4. Diversity and Inclusion

Diverse teams bring various perspectives and ideas, leading to better patient care. Implement diversity and inclusion initiatives to attract a broader range of candidates. Ensure that your recruitment process is free from bias and that your workplace welcomes individuals from all backgrounds, races, and genders.

5. Flexible Work Arrangements

Flexibility in work arrangements can be a significant draw for healthcare professionals. Consider offering part-time, remote, or telehealth positions where applicable. Flexible scheduling can help employees balance their work and personal lives, leading to higher job satisfaction and retention. Work-from-home jobs and agencies that offer flexible hours continue to become more appealing to candidates.

We offer healthcare staffing help to help you connect with the employees you need, whether you need a temp or travel nurse. Our professionals will work closely with you to ensure we send you relevant candidates for your open positions. Contact us today at Concentric Healthcare Staffing to learn more.

Posted 6/25/24