Open positions on your team derail team performance and efficiency—both of which you need to boost patient care levels. If you lack qualified personnel, work together with a hiring agency to fulfill those vacancies for pharmacist jobs and other medical professions. Pay attention to the following considerations before you go any further.


When you pick a staffing partner, consider its expertise. How much experience does it have in recruiting medical personnel? Does it focus on this service or does it fulfill recruitment requests for companies in other fields or industries? If you want faster and better results, it may be in your best interests to hire staffing firms that focus on providing medical professionals to healthcare centers.


What kind of credentials and qualifications does the staffing agency have? How long has it been around? Reputable firms tend to have been in the business for more than five years. If you find any that have been around for less than a year, they likely don’t have the resources, experience, or network to help you. If you want excellent results, then pick a firm with plenty of knowledge and experience.


Is it hard to get in touch with the firm? Changes to your hiring requirements or job descriptions should be a lot easier when you’re in contact with a firm that’s responsive to you. If it takes the firm more than a day or two to send a reply, then that’s a red flag. You’ll be better off hiring the services of other staffing firms out there.


When you pick a staffing firm, look for one that provides high-quality talents. Do the candidates meet your hiring standards? Or are they largely a miss rather than a hit? If the firm provides you with a slew of candidates who don’t meet most if not all of the basic requirements you want, then don’t settle. Keeping looking until you find a staffing partner that can offer you candidates who fit the bill.


Talk about timelines before you work with a staffing partner. That way, the team will know how much time they have to work on your requests, if the timeline is realistic, and how soon you can expect the first interviews to roll in.


Don’t be shy. Ask about the process. The more knowledge you have on your staffing agency’s process, the easier it is for you to tell if you’re hiring the right staffing firm or not.

Look for qualified personnel for pharmacist jobs and other professions at your facility. Contact Concentric Healthcare Staffing for more details.