Qualified staff members make a difference in the care and quality that your facility offers. If you want to improve patient care levels, then you’ll need to get the right people on your team. If you have open positions for a radiologic technologist in Phoenix, for instance, and you’re having a hard time finding someone with the right qualifications and fit, here are tips to help you.

Revise the Job Description

Errors or mistakes in your job description could be a factor. Cleaning up that description can help you draw more interest to your hiring posts. Also, check if your contact details are accurate. Mistakes in your number or email can be derailing some of the applications coming your way.

Look for a Staffing Firm

If you can’t seem to get the right people to the interviews, then you may need professional help. Consider hiring the services of a staffing firm. By outsourcing staffing to a third-party service provider, your team can focus on improving patient care levels in your facility.

Consider its Reach

When you pick a recruitment agency, what kind of reach does it have? General staffing agencies, for instance, provide hiring leads and candidates to a lot of industries. You’ll want to work with a staffing firm that focuses on providing healthcare professionals. If they specialize in matching up healthcare facilities with qualified medical professionals, then they’re bound to have the resources, knowledge, and expertise to get you speedy results. The sooner you can fulfill those open positions, the sooner you can redistribute the workload to your staff.

Check its Credentials

Be sure to check if the firm has a good background. How does it find applicants, for instance? Does it carry out a background check? What about licensure or certification? You’ll want to pick a staffing partner that can provide you with the assistance you need. That’s only possible if you choose one with the right credentials.

Ask About Laws and Regulations

It’s essential that staffing firms stay up-to-date with applicable laws as well as regulations. Can you say that’s the case with the firm? If the firm doesn’t keep track of changes that affect healthcare hiring, then that’s not ideal. Move on to other hiring options.

Recruit the talent you need for your facility. Contact Concentric Healthcare Staffing to find a qualified radiologic technologist in Phoenix and other medical staff that meet your hiring requirements and standards.