The Benefits of Employment with Concentric Healthcare Staffing

If you are a successful medical professional in the fields of nursing, therapy, pharmacy, behavioral health, physicians, laboratory, travel, medical administration, or radiology, then Concentric Healthcare Staffing could be the best place for your career to flourish.

Concentric Healthcare Staffing Employees the Best

Concentric Healthcare Staffing has a reputation in the industry for providing top flight medical professionals. To do this, our employees are rigorously screened, competitively compensated, and fully supported through our network of representatives available 24/7. When you are placed with a medical facility through Concentric Healthcare Staffing, you can get to work knowing that they have confidence in your abilities and professionalism.

Concentric Healthcare Staffing Offers Benefits and Flexibility

Because Concentric Healthcare Staffing offers placement for temporary, temp-to-hire, travel, and direct placement medical staff, you have to flexibility to choose the type, duration, and method of employment that best fits your lifestyle. Whether you are looking for permanent placement or a second/part-time job, there is an assignment out there that meets your needs for flexibility. And, better still, benefits are available for those employees who qualify and who complete enrollment.

Concentric Healthcare Staffing Works with You to Meet YOUR Goals

When you join the Concentric Healthcare Staffing team, we are as dedicated to meeting your needs as we are to meeting the needs of our partner facilities. Whether you want to explore new locations throughout the US or stay right in your own backyard, Concentric Healthcare Staffing can help you find just the right assignment or assignments. If you want to test your skills and learn the latest industry techniques in your field, Concentric Healthcare Staffing can help place you in medical facilities that allow you to grow within your areas of expertise.

There is no cost and no obligation to find out more. If you have a valid degree in your area of practice from an accredited healthcare professional program in the United States, have passed the national licensure exam with an active license, and have excellent experience and references in your field, then see what additional benefits you can gain by working with Concentric Healthcare Staffing.

The Benefits of Partnering with Concentric Healthcare Staffing

Concentric Healthcare Staffing is a medical professional placement resource that can enhance your recruiting process by providing temporary, temp-to-hire, travel, and direct placement medical staff from our registry of fully screened, ready-to-work professionals.

Concentric Healthcare Staffing Understands the Healthcare Industry

We know that your facility’s needs can change daily, monthly, even seasonally. We can provide solid, scalable staffing solutions that make sense for your facility.

At Concentric Healthcare Staffing, we find and maintain the most experienced staff in the nursing, therapy, pharmacy, behavioral health, physicians, laboratory, travel, medical administration, and radiology fields. We pay competitive rates, and we ensure that these professionals stay motivated by working with them to make sure that their own professional goals are met. This approach creates a dedicated group of skilled medical professionals that can be deployed as temporary, temp-to-hire, and direct placement as needed – matching your needs and their goals with a perfect fit.

Concentric Healthcare Staffing Provides Top Quality Medical Staff

Concentric Healthcare Staffing focuses all of our efforts on providing medical staff that is properly trained, hard-working, and adaptable. We spend time confirming that each employee has passed a rigorous screening process (criminal background, drug screens, motor vehicle reports, educational verification and employment confirmation, and more). And we conduct individual behavioral interviews and reference checks to ensure that each professional has a history of success, longevity, and consistency.

Concentric Healthcare Staffing is Available 24/7

Concentric Healthcare Staffing knows that your facility has responsibilities round the clock. To help you, our representatives are available 24/7 to meet the quality healthcare staffing needs of your facility. We do not use an answering service. When you call Concentric Healthcare Staffing, you will speak to a representative that can be responsible for fulfilling your staffing needs every time, any time, no exceptions.

Your medical facility has everything to gain by becoming a partner with Concentric Healthcare Staffing. With our experience, top notch staff, and availability, your recruiting and staffing efforts will move to a whole new level.