When it comes to finding the best possible job, timing can be key. Entering into the right industry at the right time can make the difference between a short-term position and a long-term career. Fortunately, now is one of the best possible times to be seeking a job in the healthcare industry. If you’re considering a lab tech job, respiratory therapist job, or other per diem nursing job, here’s why now might be the best time to apply.

Plenty Of Open Positions

The healthcare industry continues to grow, and nurses of all types will almost certainly always be in high demand. Right now, many healthcare providers are actively hiring to fill open positions. There are about 7.2 million open healthcare positions available in the world today because of staffing shortages. With so many staffing shortages and open positions available, now is a perfect opportunity to enter into the healthcare industry with a lab tech job, respiratory therapist job, or other nursing position.

Long-Term Career Potential

Because the healthcare industry tends to offer high paying and stable jobs, many people find their long-term careers within the industry. Rather than hopping from job to job to find a high-paying career, job-seekers can settle into a single career with income stability. Additionally, the jobs are more likely to be sustainable long-term, as meaningful work can help add motivation.

Options For Many Interests

For those looking to enter into the healthcare industry who aren’t particularly thrilled about becoming a nurse, there are plenty of other job types available that can suit a variety of skill sets. Medical administration positions are an excellent choice for job seekers looking to enter into the healthcare industry with limited medical experience. Similarly, for those looking for a job with a bit more flexibility, travel nursing jobs can accommodate a need for alternative schedules.

With so many options available and a variety of positions in need of staffing, now is an excellent time to break into the healthcare industry with your first healthcare job. For more information on healthcare staffing or to find a position as a surgical tech, a traveling nurse, or more, contact Concentric Healthcare Staffing today.