The healthcare industry has seen steady growth in recent years, increasing job opportunities. According to sources, hiring in the healthcare industry has increased by over 34% since 2019. Although there’s been growth in many fields, the demand for nursing jobs is particularly high. These are a few reasons nurses are being hired at an increased rate.

More Nurses Are Retiring

As a growing number of nurses reach retirement age, many choose to leave the workforce entirely. Many nurses opt to retire early, significantly depleting the pool of nurses available. Working in nursing requires advanced schooling and on-the-job training, making it difficult to find enough qualified workers to meet the current demand.

It’s Difficult to Train New Nurses

Many nursing schools are turning down qualified applicants because of a lack of staffing. Other facilities have long waiting lists. If schools can’t fill nurse educator positions, this will continue to be a problem. Hiring more nurse educators will allow schools to train more qualified nurses.

There’s Increased Need for Nurses

People are more likely to develop chronic health issues and suffer from serious illnesses as they age. As the population grows older, the need for nurses will continue to rise. Many facilities are increasing the number of available nursing jobs to provide quality care for patients.

Many Nurses Are Burnt Out

Unfortunately, many qualified nurses are choosing to leave their field entirely. Since many facilities are understaffed, it’s common for nurses to be overworked. Long hours, staffing issues, and other factors have led many nurses to leave the field and seek employment in other industries. Hiring more nurses could prevent these issues, leading to a decline in nurse burnout.

Hiring Standards Are Increasing

Some healthcare facilities have adopted higher standards for the nurses they hire. Many nurses don’t have advanced degrees, meaning fewer people have the qualifications to fill open positions. While some nurses are returning to school to seek additional training, the faculty shortage at nursing schools is making it harder for nurses to find suitable programs. With more open positions, healthcare facilities have a harder time finding qualified candidates.

Demand for nursing jobs is high across the healthcare industry. While many nursing positions are available, critical care nurses and geriatric nurses have an exceptionally high need. There’s also an increased need for travel nurses who travel to different healthcare facilities. Contact us if you need help with staffing!