When considering a travel nursing job, you may be wondering which states have the biggest need for healthcare professionals like yourself right now. With nurse shortages a major issue across the country, there are plenty of options, but some states stand out for their high demand. As you research where your skills are most needed, here are some top states to look into.

Large Population States Need More Nurses

States with large populations naturally have a bigger overall need for healthcare services. With higher numbers of patients coming through hospitals, clinics, and other facilities, these states continually seek talented travel nurses like you. California, Texas, Florida, and New York often top the list of states with the most open travel nursing jobs. These heavily populated states have major cities along with plenty of suburban and rural areas. All these locations need quality nurses like yourself.

Specialty Care Needs Nurses Too

While large general hospitals have plenty of nursing jobs, specialty facilities like children’s hospitals, cancer treatment centers, and psychiatric clinics also depend on travel nurses with specific skill sets. States with major healthcare hubs and a high number of specialty facilities tend to have ample openings for travel nurses. Arkansas, Ohio, Minnesota, and Maryland are leaders when it comes to top-rated healthcare and university-affiliated facilities. Browsing travel nursing job listings at specialty treatment centers and teaching hospitals in these states could lead you to exciting opportunities.

Rural Areas Welcome Traveling Nurses

Small-town and rural hospitals often struggle with ongoing nurse shortages and lack of specialty care resources. Travel nurses who don’t mind living in remote areas are extremely valued. States with large rural populations in need of better healthcare access include Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota, Vermont, Idaho, and West Virginia. According to Simple Nursing, Idaho is the highest-paying state when it comes to travel nursing, with an average salary of $151,203. If you yearn for a slower pace of life in a tight-knit community, checking nursing job listings in rural states could be rewarding.

As you search for your next travel nursing job, keep these high-need states in mind. With nurse shortages a continual challenge, your skills and dedication to helping patients are guaranteed to be welcomed wherever you roam. Reach out to Concentric Healthcare Staffing today to find the right fit as you search for a travel nursing job.