Traveling nursing jobs afford nurses many opportunities. There are about 1,696,000 nurses who travel in the United States, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. If you are considering taking on a traveling nurse assignment, here is what you can expect.

You Will Get To Travel Around The U.S.

Traveling nursing jobs allow you to see the country. Assignments are typically available from one coast to the other and as far north and as far south as you can go without leaving the continental United States. You will do short assignments wherever you are needed most. This allows you to see and experience many unique and interesting places throughout the country.

You Will Network With Different People

You will work with people from all over the United States. This allows you to create a vast professional network. Further, you will make lifelong friends during your travels and meet colleagues that will help to keep you stay connected to industry news and trends.

You Will Sharpen Your Skills

Nursing can offer different challenges and experiences in different locations. Therefore, you will have an opportunity to improve your current skills while developing new skills. You will also be presented with many opportunities to learn more about the nursing field in different locations.

You Recieve Great Pay and Benefits

Traveling nursing jobs offer great pay and benefits. They also offer amazing compensation packages for highly qualified nurses that want to travel to where they are needed the most.

You Will Enjoy Making a Difference

As a traveling nurse, you will find your independence. You will also gain experiences that you could not gain in any other way. Every day presents new challenges and opportunities. A traveling nurse could almost describe her career as a “working vacation”. You get to enjoy traveling, but with the perk of earning a living and truly making a difference in people’s lives.

If you are a certified nurse who is ready for a change and has the desire to travel, traveling nursing jobs may be exactly what you need. Connect with Concentric Healthcare Staffing today to get started. You may have your first assignment before you know it. Call us now to learn more!