If you’re considering a career in the medical field, a job as a medical lab tech is certainly worth looking at. These techs play a crucial role in providing healthcare services. Techs can perform a vast range of different services, and one medical lab tech’s career might look much different than another’s. We’ll cover some of the most important factors, but feel free to get in touch if you have further questions about being a medical lab tech.

What Does a Medical Lab Tech Do?

You may have had blood tests or urine samples taken at some point. Often, doctors will order diagnostic tests if they think doing so will help them understand the patient’s condition. These samples are typically sent to a medical lab where medical lab technicians can analyze them. Once they obtain the needed data or information, they can pass it back to the doctor(s) who can then use it to provide care for their patient.

Medical lab techs might also analyze blood and various other substances. They use advanced technological tools to help ensure that patients are treated properly. Often, working in a lab means spending a fair bit of time on your feet in an exciting and engaging environment.

What Are the Career Prospects for Med Lab Techs?

According to Brandon Gaille, right now, there are actually more than 7 million open healthcare positions available in the world today owing to staffing shortages. Lab techs in particular are in high demand, and many organizations are struggling to fill positions. For folks looking for work, that’s a good thing.

Medical techs often enjoy good pay and benefits. Since demand is so high, you may have a lot of negotiating power as an employee. Also, if you want to move to a specific region or area, you may find that you have a lot of flexibility. Demand for medical technicians in laboratory settings will likely remain high in the future. Indeed, as healthcare technology advances and more tools are brought to bear, more roles could open up.

Think you’d be a good medical lab tech? If so, you should consider pursuing a career in the field. With the right training, you can go far. Get in touch with us at Concentric Healthcare Staffing if you wish to further explore this opportunity.


Posted: 1/26/24