If you’re interested in entering the pharmaceutical industry, there are more career fields than you may think. Before starting the exciting journey into pharmacy education, you should do some research on the different types of options that are available to you. For example, the number of job openings for pharmacy technicians has grown by 60% in the last five years, according to NBC News. Here are just a few of the career paths you might want to consider.

Cardiology Pharmacist

This type of pharmacist is an expert on medications for patients with or at risk of cardiovascular disease. They will be involved in many aspects of cardiovascular care including heart transplants, heart pumps, and anticoagulation for blood clot prevention. This type of pharmacist may work alongside dieticians, cardiologists, neurologists, rehab nurses, and others to create a comprehensive care plan for patients.

Oncology Pharmacist

These professionals specialize in medications used to treat cancer. They also specialize in medications used to treat the side effects of cancer treatments. This can include chemotherapy dosing, mixing, drug research, and patient counseling. They will work with a patient’s cancer care team to create a care plan that will maximize the benefits of a drug and minimize side effects.

Pediatric Pharmacist

A pediatric pharmacist will oversee the safe and effective use of medication for children. They normally treat children ranging in age from newborn and up to 18 years old. Most medications developed for adults are too strong for children. This is a precise and critical field of pharmacy as proper dosing for children is crucial. If medications aren’t dosed carefully, children can be put in danger. Pediatric pharmacists also participate in research studies to develop new medications for children as well.

Geriatric Pharmacist

This professional specializes in treating older patients. Many elderly patients are taking several medications at once. It’s critical that special care is given to these individuals to ensure medications are used safely. The pharmacist will work alongside the rest of the patient’s care team to maximize the benefits of the medications and minimize the side effects.

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Posted 12/8/23