Recruiting for a specialized field requires a strategy. Here’s what you need to know to get the right radiologic technologist in Seattle on board your team.

Be Responsive

You want the radiologists that you’re interviewing to feel they’re important. Prompt calls and responses to their inquiries before and after the interviews will ensure that.

Move Fast

Don’t keep them waiting too long. Hiring for sought-after positions means you face more competition. If you intend to choose anyone from the latest round of candidates you interviewed, move quickly with the recruitment process.

Do a Face-to-Face Interview

You can find out more from an in-person interview. Conversations tend to be more natural and less stilted when you can see the person’s expressions. Is the candidate nervous or confident? Do you see any signs that the person is a professional fit for the company in terms of values and personality?

Use Technology

Attrition rates and rising salaries can narrow the talent pool even more. Knowing how to use technology to reach out to more candidates who have the qualifications you need is a must. That’s where staffing firms come in.

Do your Home Work

Not all staffing firms are alike. When you look for a recruitment agency to help you fulfill your hiring goals, pick one that has considerable experience in recruiting for the healthcare industry. Their experience indicates that they have the team and resources to get you the right people on board.

Look for Reviews

Don’t forget to check out reviews of the firm. What is the general trend in the feedback? Are there a lot of happy customers? If there are a lot of complaints, then that should be a warning to you. Look elsewhere for your staffing solutions.

Ask About their Motivation

Aside from qualifications and professional fit, you’ll need to ask the candidates about their plans. Where do they see themselves a few years from now? Do they show any interest in being a part of your organization of the long term? Or do they have plans to move away after a year or two? If you don’t want to find yourself back to square one, then look for candidates who have a long-term interest in the position instead.

Provide an Attractive Offer

Salary perks aren’t the only thing that can make your offer attractive. Create packages that provide candidates with better work-life balance. That will improve your retention levels.

If you need a radiologic technologist in Seattle, ask Concentric Healthcare Staffing for hiring solutions.