Are you considering a career as an occupational therapist? If so, you are thinking of entering a noble profession – one that helps people of all ages realize their full potential and functionality.

Most people think of occupational therapy as only applying to those who work and need to get back to it, likely owing to the name “occupational”. However, there are so many more applications for this approach to improving lives.

Here’s more of what you need to know if considering a career as an occupational therapist:

A Medical Profession with Practical Applications

Many people who consider a career in medicine do it because they want to help people. However, there are many facets of medicine that do not allow much direct interaction between patient and provider beyond chats in the office and prescription of medication.

If you want a career that allows you to interact with and influence your patients directly, you will find few better options than occupational therapy. As an OT provider, you will assist patients with hands-on approaches to healing and recovery.

Helping People from Every Walk of Life

There are some careers – especially in medicine – that are more applicable to demographics and areas than they would be to others. Occupational therapy is not one of these. No matter where you live and who you serve, there will always be patients in need of occupational therapy.

Children undergo OT to recover or improve mobility so that they can benefit from education and enjoy their childhoods more normally. Teenagers and young adults may undergo occupational therapy to assist in recovering from an injury that would otherwise permanently disable them and prevent them from attending school or working. Older adults – including seniors – use occupational therapy to improve their overall quality of life and enable them to do or continue doing important, everyday activities.

Get a Job Anywhere You Go

Just as you will likely never run out of patients as an occupational therapist, you can also likely find employment wherever you may travel. People everywhere need this kind of therapy – and finding a job in the field won’t be difficult in most areas: there are about 7.2 million open healthcare positions available in the world today because of staffing shortages.

Once you’re finished with your training, consult with the experts at Concentric Health Care for help in finding occupational therapy jobs. We can help you find the perfect match for your skillset – and get you on the path toward a rich and rewarding career!