For the first time in decades, an unprecedented amount of Americans are concerned about whether or not their careers can be maintained for the long term. Right now, the COVID-19 pandemic has put millions of Americans out of work, with many concerned about whether or not they will ever be able to go back to their jobs as they knew it. While some have the benefit of being able to shift to remote learning, a prospect that will enable them to have job security for the long term, others do not have this benefit.

Entire job sectors, particularly those within the travel industry, have been put on a long-term or perhaps even permanent hold. With that being said, though there are temporary jobs that can fill certain gaps, many Americans are looking for more permanent replacements. One arena that has understandably underscored its vital responsibilities in light of the pandemic is the healthcare field. Americans already spend a lot on healthcare; in fact, the country itself spends three times more on healthcare than any other country worldwide. But there are so many different types of fields within the healthcare industry that a lot of Americans don’t really know where to start.

While we all may be aware of things like radio tech jobs or surgical tech jobs, there are also less traditional job openings to consider. For those who are already registered nurses or are considering becoming registered nurses but want greater flexibility and in some cases greater opportunity, travel nursing jobs could be an option. But why take up this particularly unique healthcare job? Let’s look into some of the reasons why registered nurse travel jobs are gaining attention from the public.

1. Lower Cost Of Living

Right now, we’re all attempting to cut down on our costs of living. This can be difficult, even within the more lucrative healthcare industry. Even if you make a good salary, you may very well not be able to save a lot of money if you have to spend a lot on maintaining your living situation. This is one reason why registered nurse travel jobs offer an appealing opportunity for many. Many travel nursing companies actually offer private housing to their employees when they’re on assignment. Some also cover utilities as well as furniture, which can all greatly cut down on a nurse’s cost of living. This means that you could potentially live in an area with a traditionally high cost of living for much less than you usually would.

2. Greater Pay

Many Americans have historically considered becoming registered nurses due to a comparatively high pay grade. However, registered nurse travel jobs may offer even better pay than that presented by traditional registered nursing roles. For one thing, as most travel nurses work more than 50 miles from their homes, much of their travel pay is tax-free. Furthermore, bonuses and benefits can often be negotiated in order to get you more than you had before, and again as you may not have to worry about rent while on assignment, you could end up making more money as a travel nurse than you would while working other nursing jobs.

3. Exploration

While some might view the travel requirements that obviously come with registered nurse travel jobs taxing, others look forward to the idea of changing assignments frequently and experiencing new people and places on a regular basis. Though you will have a say about where you go, obviously, you may be presented with opportunities that you wouldn’t have thought about on your own. Most travel contracts range from four weeks to a year long, though most of them end up being around 13 weeks long. This gives you time to enjoy your assignment, while also allowing you to be ready to move on when the time comes.

There are more registered nurse travel jobs opening up as we speak. The COVID-19 pandemic has meant that nurses are needed more in specific areas than others, and the job is incredibly important. But beyond the humanitarian need it represents, there are also personal benefits to be had. Don’t forget them!