Surgical tech positions can lead to very lucrative careers. Occupations in the health field were expected to grow by about 14% from 2018-2019 alone and this number is only expected to continue rising. The health care field is booming, and highly skilled surgical tech positions are in high demand.

Luckily, the right staffing solutions can help to place the highly qualified candidates that you want to fill your open positions.

Staffing Needs Met With Less Hassle

Filling surgical tech positions can be a challenge. Unfortunately, because there is a shortage in health care workers, your pool of candidates to choose from may be seriously limited. There are a few things that will affect your ability to fill an open surgical tech position including:

  • Geographical location: It is well known that smaller, rural hospitals have the hardest time filling surgical tech jobs and other positions because of their geographical location. In small towns and suburbs, it can be difficult at best to find highly qualified candidates.
  • Budget: Of course, what your budget can cover, also plays a role in finding highly qualified candidates.
  • Position description: What do your surgical tech positions require as far as duties are concerned? Are these entry-level surgical tech jobs you are trying to fill or do you need someone that can fill a lead position? If you’re not clear with your description, you may have a harder time reaching the right candidates.

Taking the Stress Out of HR

Filling surgical tech positions can be a very heavy load for your HR staff to carry, especially given the limited pool to choose from. Turning to a staffing agency that has highly qualified people in the wings searching for surgical tech jobs can take the pressure off HR and get those positions filled quickly.

Having a team of experts that can quickly fill your open surgical tech positions and take the work out of finding highly qualified candidates frees up your HR team to focus on the core responsibilities of supporting your current staff. There are qualified surgical techs that are ready to bring their expertise to your hospital.

A Staffing Agency Is the Right Answer

The real beauty of using a staffing agency to fill your surgical tech jobs is you are not limited by your geographical location. The candidate pool at a staffing agency is wide-reaching and full of highly qualified professionals that are willing to relocate. Don’t limit your options. Let one of the best health care staffing agencies in the industry fill your positions. Contact Concentric Healthcare Staffing today.