Employment in the healthcare field is expected to grow 14% from 2018 through 2028. This growth rate is higher than average for all occupations and has the potential to create 1.9 million new jobs. Healthcare administration is one particular opportunity that can enable you to work in many different locations while not limiting yourself to only hospitals or long-term care centers. Because of this, healthcare administration jobs are often more attractive, especially for those looking for something aside from the more technical aspects that can come from radiology tech jobs or surgical tech jobs.

The Benefits of Healthcare Administration

The healthcare industry covers a wide spectrum, and the variety of medical administration jobs is what draws most people in. The opportunities for larger salaries, a solid job market, and a high demand, make medical administration jobs both safe and rewarding over time. For more information about the specifics, here are a few of the most rewarding benefits explained.

Job Security and Salary

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the projected outlook for medical administration jobs is growing at an accelerated rate. This means you are more likely to find a medical administration position without months of fruitless searching. Furthermore, the estimated salary expectation for those entering the field is $65,000 with a rise to $140,000 after 20 years of work in the field. Some senior executives can even expect salaries over $200,000 depending on how long they have been working and the company they are working for.

An Emotionally Rewarding Career

Medical administration jobs can not only afford career success but also be an emotionally rewarding experience. This is because medical administration work comes with the opportunity for providing leadership and continued personal growth. As a healthcare administrator, you can expect to positively impact patients, visitors, and healthcare policies to ensure everyone gets the care they deserve. For those interested in emotional rewards, a couple more can include:

  • Having a positive impact on the future of the healthcare field
  • Contributing to both the treatment of patients and critical medical research
  • Assisting with community education
  • Finding satisfaction in being able to help others

For those who want to positively impact those around them and truly make a difference, medical administration is something to consider.

Career Opportunities

Medical administration jobs also come with a high level of flexibility that allows you to take advantage of a variety of positions. Doctor’s offices, public health buildings, hospitals, insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, and long-term care centers all make use of medical administrators. You could also work with government agencies and in management consulting if you desire something outside of standard healthcare. These opportunities coupled with the flexibility of administration can help you make the most of your career to ensure you end up truly doing something you love.

Further Education

A bachelor’s degree is required for most medical administration positions; however, if you opt to earn a Master’s of Health Administration degree, you can expect higher earnings and new opportunities that you wouldn’t have been eligible before. For instance, membership in the American College of Healthcare Executives can offer access to administration seminars, additional study courses, and book recommendations that can further allow you to grow with this ever-changing field.

Improving Healthcare

Above all, the largest benefit of medical administration jobs is their ability to give you the tools necessary for improving the face of healthcare. In these positions, you have the opportunity to help your community and further ensure that all patients receive the care and treatment they need and deserve. With all the different types of administrative positions available, this career path can be both challenging and incredibly rewarding. Looking for an open medical administrator position or any job in the health sector? Contact Concentric Healthcare Staffing today and begin your recruitment!