There are about 49.2 million adults aged 65 and up in the United States, making up 12.4% of the nation’s total population. The rising number of aging baby boomers along with the increased life expectancy has resulted in more demands for healthcare professionals. That is supported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ projection that healthcare jobs will grow by 18% from 2016 to 2026.

Staffing Challenges

Widespread talent gaps and employee shortages, though, make it harder for hospitals to fill in vacant positions. With more and more elderly patients, healthcare facilities face challenges in finding clinical and medically trained talents.

Finding a Solution

One of the many ways that hospitals are solving the problem is by getting help from staffing agencies. Small to mid-size medical facilities, wherein it often doesn’t make sense to build a bigger HR team, are turning to staffing firms for recruitment assistance. If you are looking to speed up the hiring process for pharmacy technician jobs for your Phoenix hospital, getting help from a staffing firm is a viable solution for you.

Choosing an Agency

There are plenty of staffing firms out there. But not all of them will be in the right position to help you. Here are helpful tips for choosing a staffing agency that fits your needs and can contribute to your organization’s long-term growth and success:

  • Research Your Options

Look for local staffing agencies. A firm’s that’s been in the business for years will have the team, processes, and experience to ensure a successful hire.

  • Evaluate Your Interactions

Pay attention to how the company interacts with you. Does the firm’s staff provide you with the information you need? Or do you get the sense that they’re rushing to get you off the phone? If you sent an email, how long did it take them to reply to your inquiry?

  • Ask About Their Recruitment Process

How does the firm recruit its talents? Do they give skill tests to determine if the candidates have the specific skills that the positions ask for? Does the firm conduct background checks or drug tests?

  • Get on the Same Page

The company should understand your needs. If the firm doesn’t take the time to understand what your organization needs, what your culture is, and what kind of candidates are going to fit in, look elsewhere.

Look for recruitment assistance to fill up your vacancies. Hire Concentric Healthcare Staffing to find qualified candidates for pharmacy technician jobs in your Phoenix facility.