Have you been giving some thought to pursuing a career in pharmacy studies? Are you wondering what kinds of job options might be available to you in the Phoenix area? Working behind the counter at a drugstore might be one option, but it’s far from the only position open in the field. There is a wide variety of areas you can pursue that are related to pharmacy studies, but also involve different job elements that you may enjoy.

Community Pharmacy Work

This is perhaps the most common type of pharmacy-related position you may have in mind. You have the opportunity to help customers learn more about their medications and answer any basic questions they may have. It’s essential to be aware of potential allergic reactions or drug interactions for patients since sometimes they are seeing different doctors for different conditions and issues may not be realized until their prescriptions are filled. Most of your day is likely spent interacting with people.

Hospital Pharmacy Work

In some ways similar to community pharmacy work, you may end up with more of a patient connection if you end up working in a hospital environment. It’s critical that you work closely with the doctors and nurses assigned to each patient’s case to ensure that patients are treated effectively while in the hospital, and additionally, that they understand any medication instructions that they need to follow once they are released from the hospital.


Would you like to participate in the creation of new drugs and treatments? Then maybe a research-based job track is for you. With the proper training, you can participate in drug trials and tests to help verify if medications are safe for use by the general population.


Maybe you’d like to share your pharmaceutical knowledge with others by way of becoming an educator. The field of various pharmacy studies is continually expanding, and there is always a need for qualified teachers to ensure that the upcoming group of students are well-prepared for whatever comes their way.

Government Pharmacy Work

Another possible arena for employment is with a governmental agency. This could include a wide variety of positions, supporting veterans, the military, or other recipients of governmental support. With positions available at the local, state, and federal levels, you may also be able to receive particularly strong benefits as a perk of employment.

If you are ready to start looking at your pharmacy career options in the Phoenix area, contact Concentric Healthcare Staffing to learn more about opportunities where you might be a perfect fit!