Your team makes the biggest impact on your facility delivering the best level of patient care possible. If your clinic or center has a vacancy for a nurse and your hiring efforts aren’t getting you anywhere, it’s time to get help. For many hospitals or clinics, expanding their recruitment team isn’t a viable option. One way to work around that limitation, though, is to hire a staffing firm.

Benefits of Hiring a Staffing Firm

  • Less stress. Recruitment means attending to a lot of details. If you have a small team, then getting an agency is wise. You’ll have someone else to handle the workload, including much of the time-consuming tasks, leaving your team free to concentrate on interviews and hiring decisions
  • Faster selection process. Pros know where to go to get candidates. They’ll fill up your shortlist in no time. They know the platforms and tools to use to reach out to prospective talents and get them to apply for those open positions. That all leads to a faster hiring process.
  • More candidate interest. Applicants are much more likely to say yes to your offer if you’ve got a simple and candidate-friendly hiring process. That’s something that a good staffing agency can provide. If the hiring process is stressful, then you’re likely to lose candidates to firms that offer a better hiring experience.

How to Choose a Staffing Agency

  • Look for specialization. Find a staffing company that specializes in hiring candidates for positions in the healthcare industry.
  • Go over the basics. Ask about the fees. What does their selection process entail? How do they ensure that the prospective talents meet your hiring requirements?
  • Note down your impressions. How does firm communicate with you? Does it take them more than a day or two to reply? If the company isn’t responsive to your calls or texts, that’s a bad sign.
  • Check their experience. How long has the firm been around? A capable organization will have a much better chance at finding the right prospects for nurse jobs

What do I Need to Know?

  • Understand the fees. What services does the quote cover? Do you have other services in mind? Will you need to pay extra for them?
  • Consider alignment. Does the firm take the time to understand your recruitment needs such as culture fit?
  • Talk about the timeline. If you’re on a tight deadline, can they make it? Can the firm accommodate your hiring needs?

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