Have you been considering becoming a travel nurse? Maybe you’ve heard good things from friends or colleagues who have made the transition, and you wonder if it’s the right move for your career. When you make use of a healthcare staffing agency, they can share a wide variety of hospital jobs—including that of travel nurse—that might fit with your career goals.

What are the basics I should know?

The role is much as it sounds: a nursing position that typically involves travel. Hospitals around the country often find themselves unable to find qualified help to fill their needs locally, so they offer contracts (typically 13 weeks in length) to nurses who are willing to travel to their location to work. Housing is often provided to you, or you are given a housing allowance. Once your contract is over, your options are limitless. You can take a different assignment elsewhere in the country, or you can accept a more permanent position—it’s up to you!

What are some of the perks?

Most travel nurses see the travel itself as a definite perk. They have the opportunity to visit areas all over the country for around three months at a time, allowing them to see sights they may never have otherwise gotten to experience. The pay can often be higher than permanent work at a hospital. You will also expand your resume and skill set by gaining experience with a wide variety of different settings and work scenarios, preparing you well for your next career move. And if you are a person who thrives on new experiences and meeting new people, you will get ample opportunity for both!

How can I show a healthcare staffing agency my best side?

Agencies look for skills first, and those nurses who have unique or specialized skills can be particularly valuable to hospitals looking for travel nurses. If you have certifications or specific training, make sure the agency knows about them! It’s also important to show flexibility. When you are a contracted employee joining a permanent team, you need to be able to merge into the group seamlessly so that the team can be complete and effective as quickly as possible.

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