Today’s job market is competitive, making it more challenging than ever to find a position in the nursing field. Standing out to employers can help you land the job of your dreams, and ensure that you have the stability you need to support your family. These are the best ways to stand out to employers to land an interview or job.

1. Continuous Education

Employers value nurses that continue to pursue education once they have completed nursing school. Enhance your skills by taking courses that can help you specialize in a certain field of medicine. Beef up your resume with a few extra certifications. Employers will appreciate the advanced knowledge, and you may wind up getting a higher salary.

2. Effective Communication

Having wonderful people skills is essential for this field of work because nurses interact with families, patients, and an entire team daily. When employers are hiring people for nursing jobs, they pay special attention to effective communication. This includes any communication regarding the job and how well your people skills are during the interview. Smile and be personable to stand out.

3. Various Skills

Nurses require a diverse skill set to perform daily tasks. Teamwork is crucial because nurses are often part of a team of people caring for a patient. Strong leadership skills show initiative, so include any leadership activities or roles on your resume too. You’ll also need to show that you’re adaptable and have strong problem-solving skills.

4. Honesty

Honesty is one of the most important things employers look for. Those in nursing jobs are required to follow a strong ethical code, making slight dishonesty stand out. According to Gallup, nurses have been identified as the most honest and ethical professionals for the past 19 years. Answer any questions asked honestly, even if the answer doesn’t make you look favorable.

5. Diverse Experiences

Showcasing diverse experiences can help you show potential employers that you’re comfortable working with patients from various populations, which can make you stand out in a positive light. Include experiences that show your commitment to being inclusive and friendly towards all populations on your resume. For example, list things like child care, volunteer work, or mentoring.

When applying for nursing jobs, it’s essential to stand out to employers. Contact Concentric Healthcare Staffing for more tips and tricks to help you get hired.

Posted 7/3/23