Do you need help finding nursing jobs? Don’t worry, you don’t have to pound the pavement at every hospital in your city. Like many other job professionals, you could use a recruiter to get one, and here’s how you can work with them.

Build an Online Presence

You likely have heard about the professional website LinkedIn. Did you know LinkedIn can be a great way to build your presence as a nurse? Most recruiters are always trying to find “soft” candidates, or people who aren’t actively looking for a new job. Keeping your nursing profile updated can ensure you’re visible to recruiters who may offer you a better opportunity.

Set Goals

You may have goals for your career. Maybe you’re tired of working in one location and desire to be a travel nurse. These nurses averaged $1,673 per week pre-pandemic, but now average $4,000 per week in some cases, according to Forbes. You may be an ER nurse and want to be in a more specialized location, such as a cardiac or pediatric nurse. Do you dream of branching into management or finding nursing jobs in a different city or state? Whatever goals you have, you can express to a nursing recruiter who can help you make it happen. From short-term goals to long-term goals, they can help put you on a path to finding the right job.

Be Honest

It always pays to be honest when working with a recruiter. If you have limitations with the type of work environment you prefer, demographics, pay, and shift hours, tell the recruiter. They’re not mind readers, so if you don’t specify what your boundaries are, you may not be as happy with the jobs they offer you.

Stay in Contact

Don’t get frustrated if your recruiter doesn’t have your preferred nursing jobs upon your initial meeting. Available jobs in the nursing world can change very quickly. Within the next couple of weeks or months, the perfect job may come up. So, stay in contact with your recruiter after your initial meeting, and keep your resume polished and your online profile intact.

Recruiters can make hunting for nursing jobs much easier and more efficient. Why look for a job on your own when a recruiter has access to the top companies and can help match your preferences with them? If you’re ready to see what nursing jobs we have available, set up an appointment at Concentric Healthcare Staffing so we can chat.

Posted 3/14/24