It’s no secret that nurses are some of the most valued members of the American workforce. According to the World Health Statistics Report, there are nearly 4 million nurses and midwives in the US and about 29 million worldwide. A career in nursing is rewarding, whether you choose a job in an ER or a traveling nurse position. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at just a few ways that nurses can gain experience.

A Travel Nurse Job Provides Insight Into Your Ideal Workplace

When you sign up for a travel nurse job, you can expect a wide range of experiences. A typical travel nurse job lasts for a specified period of time, anywhere between six months and more than a year. This time in the position can be career-changing. By experiencing many different types of nursing jobs, you can find out firsthand which type of nursing is right for you. You will be exposed to different situations is an effective way to enhance your skills and build confidence. Knowing that you can excel in a variety of different environments will make you a better nurse overall.

Life as an ER Nurse Offers a Unique Work Experience

Nurses who enjoy a busy and fast-paced work environment can gain a lot of great experience by working in an ER. As a nurse in an ER, you’ll receive a lot of exposure to many life-saving and cutting-edge procedures that you may not experience in other environments. Anyone who started their career in nursing as a way to save lives should seek some experience as an ER nurse during their career.

You Can Develop Relationships as a Nurse in a Private Practice

A nursing position in a private practice or clinic is an effective way to meet patients’ needs on a personal level. Private practice nurses tend to get to know their patients on a deeper level as they provide care for them year after year. Many nurses bookend their careers with a stint in private practice. This type of experience can help nurses develop a compassionate bedside manner and enhance their communication skills. These are two important assets to have during a nursing career.

If you are considering a career in nursing, these are a few of the different types of experiences that you can pursue. And, if you are looking for a change in your nursing career, now is an ideal time to explore the different options that are available. Contact Concentric Healthcare Staffing today to get started on your journey to a fulfilling career in nursing.