It’s no secret that travel nursing jobs are quite appealing. The roles provide attractive opportunities for you to transverse the country on lucrative assignments that pay above-average rates. Besides, you get to build your resume as you pursue new adventures after every 13 weeks- the average contract length.

Finding assignments on your own may become challenging. There are many factors at play, such as location, pay rates, additional benefits, and housing. Most nurses use travel nursing companies to find jobs available across the nation.

Travel Nurse Agency

A travel nursing company acts as a one-stop-shop for registered nurses that link them to employers with contract assignments. The agencies assist with everything you need as a travel nurse, such as housing, health insurance, and compensation. Here are six tips that will help you choose the best travel nursing company.

1. Experience and Stability

You need to partner with a company with a proven track record. The Joint Commission Certification may be proof of an established agency within the industry. Agencies that have earned Gold Seals from the commission are better positioned to land you an assignment in a location that you prefer.

2. Compensation

A recent BluePipes survey shows that 82% of travel nurses ditched their full-time staff position for better pay. How do their pay rates compare to other travel nursing agencies? Negotiate a comfortable compensation package for yourself and establish a base pay rate. Find out which compensation packages will fall under taxable and non-taxable income brackets.

3. Benefits

Benefits tend to vary from one agency to another. Discuss your health insurance coverage under the company’s provider. You may decide to go with a personal cover that may be reimbursed on your pay. Consider other benefits such as 401(K) plans, paid vacation time, rental cars, and more. Keep in mind that the benefits may cut into your pay rate.

4. Policy on Missed and Cancelled Shifts

Does the company have a policy on guaranteed hours? What’s their stand on missed or canceled shifts? What of the extra hours pay? Most agencies have penalties in place for missed and canceled shifts, although some may not penalize for one or two shifts. Find out whether they include guaranteed hours that prevent you from being penalized.

5. Quality and Number of Assignments

A recent survey by Bluepipes found that destination and pay rate rank highest among the concerns for travel nurses. Check the available job listings on the agency’s site. If the assignments and locations listed don’t appeal to you, you may find a new recruiter that will meet your needs.

6. Reputation

The travel nursing company will play a significant role in your travel nursing career. You need to find an agency that you can trust to find the right assignments for you. Annual ranking sites such as Highway Hypodynamics offer an excellent place to start your search. Travel nursing blogs may also guide you to reputable agencies within the industry.

In Conclusion

Finding the best travel nursing company is a huge step in starting your exciting career. You get to choose where you would like to work and the compensation benefits that you want. Keep your options open as you search for the right agency for you.