There’s a reason why young up and coming professionals are recommended the medical field as a potential option when they’re considering careers. Right now, the United States spends more on healthcare than any other nation in the world. In fact, they spend in total almost three times as much as any other country. Needless to say, there are a lot of different medical professions available to young people as a result. The issue is that many of them have the perception that they need to go to school for many years and spend a lot of money on an education in order to be medical professionals. In fact, many jobs available to medical professionals don’t require advanced degrees; some don’t require degrees at all. You don’t have to be a doctor to earn a good living while being involved in the healthcare system.

A lot of people view a medical job as more than just a salary; they also want to do good. Fortunately, there are plenty of opportunities for them to do so without spending a lot of time in school, or accruing a great deal of student debt. With that being said, let’s look into some of the jobs available for those looking to enter the medical field.

1. Radiology Tech Jobs

Many people want to enter the healthcare industry, but are anxious about the idea of working with the sick and injured. You may have a head for science but are worried about the stress that comes with being a doctor or nurse. However, you can still be involved in the goings-on of a hospital or private practice by looking into radiology tech jobs. These jobs involve creating X-ray images for patients in hospitals or oncology centers, or wherever else needed. A Radiology Tech is responsible for ensuring the comfort of a patient during the X Ray process as well as determining appropriate exposure times for the film. This position requires people as well as technical skills.

2. Traveling Nursing Jobs

The job title of traveling nurse may seem self explanatory, but there is more to the role than you may think. Traveling nurses are usually employed by independent staffing agencies, and they’re assigned to different areas to fulfill short-term roles. This may seem like moving from temporary job to temporary job, but it’s actually incredibly important. Think about what happens when a hospital is short on nursing staff due to a shortage of qualified candidates, or illness in the area. Nurses need to be able to take time off and take sick leave, and sometimes traveling nurses fill their roles while they’re gone, or simply provide extra backup during times of crisis. Traveling nurses are qualified RNS, which means that if you grow interested in a more permanent position eventually, you will be able to explore that.

3. Respiratory Therapist Jobs

Those suffering from pulmonary diseases can be in a constant state of anxiety, worried about the severity of their condition and how they can balance it with everyday life. Respiratory therapists exist to those suffering from such illnesses recover and furthermore live on. While it is sometimes impossible for patients to make a full recovery, they can still work with respiratory therapists on a long-term basis, which will help them learn how to cope with their ailments. Respiratory therapists can work in centers and hospitals, while some also visit patients in-home, making it a vital position in the healthcare field.

4. Laboratory Tech Positions

For those that want to work with data hands-on, and perhaps even go to medical school someday, a laboratory tech job is perfect. Laboratory techs help process samples in a medical lab in order to facilitate a patient diagnosis. It’s a vital role in any hospital, and also provides a lot of learning opportunities. With that being said, the job in itself requires a lot of training, and with good reason!

Getting started in a new career isn’t easy; but the healthcare industry provides lots of great options!