Right now, perhaps more than ever, people are reassessing their career prospects. Perhaps you have a job, perhaps you don’t. But in the long term, the types of jobs that really last have changed for a lot of people. Many of us are struggling to not only find work, but work that is sustainable. A lot of career fields are downsizing; there are still positions available within the field, but not as many as there were before. One occupational arena in which this is not the case is, of course, healthcare. There always tend to be a lot of healthcare positions available; in fact, at this moment there are around 7.2 million open healthcare positions worldwide due to staffing shortages. Now, as the world deals with a global pandemic, there is a need for more employees within the healthcare industry.

Healthcare jobs may not necessarily seem to be easy to get. You may have dismissed them outright, believing that you either aren’t qualified, or that it would be too difficult to become qualified. However, the healthcare industry isn’t just for doctors, and many positions do not even require a bachelor’s degree. Many require a simple certification that can be earned quickly and affordably. For that matter, not all healthcare positions require working directly with patients, if you’re not sure that’s your strong suit. This field is broad, and the more our healthcare system is taxed during the pandemic, the more help will be needed. With that being said, let’s explore some of the positions available to those seeking work in the healthcare industry.

1. Surgical Tech Jobs

For those who are interested in really exploring the medical side of the healthcare industry, surgical tech jobs are perfect. They also can open a door for employees. Many people begin with surgical tech jobs but eventually enter medical school, even becoming full-fledged doctors in the long term. Of course, this isn’t required. Surgical tech jobs essentially involve becoming a key part of a surgical team, acting as a primary assistant and technician. Surgical techs must be able to anticipate the surgeon’s next moves and make the surgery process as smooth as possible. Accordingly, they can specialize in different areas just as a surgeon would. Though requirements vary based on location, surgical tech positions typically require an associate’s degree and a certification program, which means that you don’t have to commit to four years of training.

2. Respiratory Therapist Positions

As you can imagine, respiratory therapist jobs are opening up and in high demand right now. While some may be intimidated by the idea of becoming a respiratory therapist at this time, clients and patients need respiratory therapists now more than ever. Typically, a respiratory therapist must have an associate’s degree and then train more extensively in respiratory therapy techniques. Respiratory therapists may work at a hospital or rehabilitation center, and a lot of them may visit clients directly at home, especially now.

3. Travel Nursing Jobs

Travel nursing jobs are also inevitably going to increase in demand. A travel nurse is just as qualified as any other type of nurse, which means that you would be required to attend nursing school. However, a travel nurse would be more specifically employed by a travel nursing company, and would essentially fulfill different positions as they open up in a region. If a hospital is short-staffed, travel nurses will be assigned to that hospital. They may also visit nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, and in some cases visit patients directly at home.

4. Medical Administration Jobs

Medical administration jobs would include receptionist and assistant positions, essentially out of the direct medical jobs. It’s still important for medical offices to be organized like any other offices. Now more than ever, administrative roles will be relied upon to ensure that hospitals and practices run as smoothly as possible. The requirements for different administrative roles will vary; but some won’t even require any kind of college degree, opening the field to a number of different people.

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