The life of a traveling Registered Nurse (RN) sounds exciting. You’ll move from one location to another, providing care to patients. It’s an ideal career choice for those aspiring to become an RN while also being passionate about adventure. However, before applying for this job, it’s essential to understand what a typical day in the life of a traveling RN entails. Here’s some insight into the responsibilities of a traveling RN.

Similar Shifts

Typically, a traveling RN works the same shifts as nurses in other settings. You can expect to work twelve-hour shifts dedicated to patient care. Often, you’ll work for three days and then have a few days off. During these long workdays, you’ll be focused on patient care, and your days off provide opportunities to explore new places and experiences. This is why most individuals who choose this career are passionate about traveling and discovering new destinations.

Various Assignments

Traveling nurses often take on assignments that can last for a few weeks or even a few months. Hospitals frequently hire these nurses to fill staffing gaps. According to Business News Daily, more than 90% of employers struggle to fill positions due to skills gaps. Traveling nurses play a crucial role in addressing these shortages by taking on positions for several weeks at a time.

Shift Routine

A typical shift routine for a traveling RN is similar to that of a nurse working in a single location. You’ll arrive at a unit, receive patient briefings, and commonly spend an additional 20-30 minutes meticulously reviewing patient charts and medication schedules. Then, you’ll make your rounds and spend the remainder of your shift caring for individuals, much like any other registered nursing position.


Traveling RNs often have similar expectations to nurses starting their first day at a local hospital in a permanent position. You may be required to complete training modules or sessions before starting. You’ll receive a new ID badge, and someone may provide a brief tour of the facility. These are all common procedures for nurses who are just beginning their travel assignments.

A traveling nursing position offers the unique opportunity to experience the world as a resident. You’ll live in various places while pursuing your passion. The days off provide ample time to explore in between shifts. Concentric Healthcare Staffing is able to recruit medical professionals in all healthcare fields, from nursing positions to administrative jobs in the medical field. Contact us today for more information!

Posted 10/5/23