When someone tells you that they are a nurse, you probably have a specific image in mind. However, if you are in school to become a nurse or are interested in a nursing career of your own, you are more likely to know that there are numerous ways to be a nurse.

Here are just a selection of the most common types of nursing careers available today:

LPN and RN

The word nurse often brings to mind the career paths and training associated with becoming a Licensed Practical Nurse or Registered Nurse. These two paths often lead to other types of nursing careers, but they are the fundamental options for most nurses. Registered nurses require more education and certification than LPNs, but both are a great starting place for many other types of careers in the field.

Nurse Practitioners

While the original intention of a nurse practitioner was to work under the supervision of a physician, these days, many are working independently. Since NP providers can diagnose disease, prescribe medication, and create treatment plans, they are fully capable of providing most patients with the care they need when injured or ill.

Travel Nursing

Nurses on the go start as registered nurses on the ground. If you have ever considered working as a nurse that travels afar and helps patients all along the way, travel nursing is a great way to do exactly that.

ICU Nursing

Working in an intensive care unit is a difficult job to do. However, it is a rewarding position that many registered nurses find fulfilling. If you’re interested in working with patients who need the most help, this may be a career path for you to consider.

Emergency Room Nursing

The emergency room is another high-stress, high-pressure environment that requires nurses with an even keel. This type of nursing is one that allows medical professionals to do the most good and make the most impact, by helping those who are acutely ill or injured to get back on the path to good health.

Operating Room Nursing

Surgeons need plenty of assistance, and registered nurses working in the operating room are there to provide it. Highly-skilled medical professionals in their own right, they provide the kind of support that surgeons need while changing and saving lives through surgery.

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