Nobody’s perfect. But while it’s normal to make a few mistakes now and then in the course of doing one’s job, medical professionals don’t have it as easy. Given the nature of their work, simple mistakes can lead to serious problems and put patients at risk. Here are some of the most common nursing errors.

Medication Errors

An incorrect dosage or giving the wrong prescription can worsen a patient’s condition. Nurses need to have the presence of mind to ensure this doesn’t happen. Nurses can use identifiers to make sure they’re giving the right medication to a patient. They should also ask about any reactions or allergies before they administer anything. Updating the patient’s medication list will help as well.

Infection Problems

Nurses can minimize risk for infections by utilizing their training and skill in preventing any complications that could result in any future infection. Good hygiene techniques are necessary. Strategies for improving infection prevention should be undertaken as well to keep these problems at bay.

Documentation Problems

Nurses in training may not pay enough attention to the documentation or charting they do. That could lead to errors and give patients grounds for a lawsuit. Hospitals that want to ensure this doesn’t happen should take care to hire the right staffing solutions. Experienced talents from agencies looking for nursing careers in Seattle make for an ideal option to reduce documentation problems, especially for hospitals with staffing issues.

Not Calling for Help

Staff members that try to take on everything on their own can put themselves and their patients at risk. The right applicants for nursing jobs should know the importance of calling for help. Knowing how to transfer, carry, and move patients properly will ensure patient security. This also means nurses aren’t at risk of sustaining an injury themselves.

Equipment Issues

Nurses require training in how to use and handle the equipment to ensure high levels of patient care. That’s why hiring experienced pros are a must. Providing training to the staff will also help.

Patient Falls

Patients may collapse due to the way they react to the medication or their condition. Nurses must take preventive measures to keep these instances from happening. Monitoring patient symptoms and checking up on their patients will help reduce falls.

Understaffed hospitals will continue to experience these problems. Agencies like the Concentric Healthcare Staffing can help these organizations find experienced talents looking for nursing careers across the country.