Hospitals have traditionally used travel nurses to address staffing needs. Changing times and growing demands for human resources make them an even more attractive option for organizations that need to fill in vacancies. With so many medical facilities with short-term staffing issues, many are turning to healthcare staffing agencies for help. If you’re thinking about doing the same, here are some tips to help you work out which agency is best for you.

Ask About the Process

Before you pick a staffing agency, ask questions about the company’s process. Are the candidates screened? Does the firm give them skills tests? Does the company run background checks or drug tests?

Check its Reputation

A bad review or two isn’t necessarily reflective of the company’s service quality. If there are plenty of negative comments about the company, though, that should be enough to give you pause. If the reviews mention the same details, spare yourself from the stress and frustration of dealing with a company with a dicey reputation, and look for help elsewhere.

Think About Your Reputation

Remember that a hiring company is like an extension of your department or facility. Your staffing partner represents your firm. The quality of the employees, the methodology they use, and the quality of their recruitment process will all reflect on your hospital. Make sure you pick a capable company for the position.

Consider its Niche

Does the firm specialize in healthcare staffing solutions? That’s ideal, ensuring that the firm knows the best practices in hiring qualified staff. If the company specializes in general recruitment solutions, they may not be familiar with the nuances of hiring medically trained staff. Avoid those problems by finding a staffing partner with experience in hiring professionals for travel nursing. Even better, look for companies that specialize in hiring for your industry.

Watch Out for Pressure

Don’t give in to the pressure. If the hiring agency puts more focus on talking about its services to get you as a client, look elsewhere. The right company is always committed to helping you get the staffing solutions you need. That’s easy to see by the way they entertain your questions. If they provide you with the information you need without any of the pressure to use their services, they deserve your business.

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