Did you know there are over 7.2 million open positions for healthcare workers globally due to staffing shortages? As an RN, you have a variety of options that you can pursue to enrich your career. They range from fulltime nursing, travel nursing jobs to per diem nursing positions. The best per diem nursing jobs offer you a chance to take control of your career, allowing you to choose the shifts that you desire.

What Per Diem Nursing Means

Per diem is a Latin phrase that loosely translates to ‘each day.’ In the Nursing industry, the term refers to payment per shift. As a per diem nurse, you get to accept or decline a shift or series of shifts offered by your recruiting agency. The per diem nurse jobs allow hospitals and other facilities to hire talented professionals to cover for seasonal shortages.

If you decide to pursue a career in per diem nursing, you will enjoy some benefits that include:

1. Flexible schedules

Local per diem nursing jobs offer unmatched flexibility when compared to full-time positions. The staffing agency provides you shifts or series of shifts from various facilities to choose from. You can take control of your schedule by picking or dropping assignments as you wish. You can move from one facility to the next, choosing jobs that best fit your schedule.

2. Ideal Work-Life Balance

Flexibility in planning for your assignment and locations gives per diem nurses the best work-life balance. You can create your schedule and tailor the shifts to fit the activities and hobbies you most enjoy. The extra-free time that you get can make you available for your family. You can enjoy your weekends or holidays without feeling you are at the mercy of a higher authority.

3. Higher Compensation Rates

Per diem nurses enjoy one of the highest hourly rates in the industry. As the nurses don’t have set hours, per diem nursing agencies offer competitive rates for their workers. The best per diem nursing jobs pay much higher than for a regular full-time nurse working in the same facility. You can boost your income by picking an extra shift or working on holidays where the pay usually doubles.

4. Hone Your Nursing Skills

One of the most important advantages of working as a per diem nurse is working in multiple settings. The best per diem nursing jobs allow you to enroll in different facilities yearly, working alongside experts in different specialties. The position provides an excellent opportunity to explore and learn about various specialties, thus allowing you to advance your career options. You can pick shifts from the best facilities in the specific niche that you may wish to specialize in.

5. Avoid Nurse Burnouts

The rigid schedules for full-time and permanent nursing positions set the nurses on a course to nasty burnouts. A recent study by Krones shows that 98% of nurses agree that their jobs are mentally and physically demanding, with 43% hiding how tired they are to their seniors. The best per diem nursing jobs allow nurses to pick shifts that best suit them, making them less likely to experience burnouts.

Working a per diem nurse can be an exciting and fulfilling journey. You can enjoy better remuneration, flexible schedules, and acquire multiple specialty nursing skills. Concentric Healthcare Staffing can help you find high paying per diem nursing jobs in Arizona and California.