In the fallout of the pandemic, many people lost their jobs or had to change career paths entirely. You may be looking into what kind of job is the most stable in light of the pandemic. This pursuit could potentially lead you to consider a per diem nursing position. After all, employment within the healthcare sector is expected to grow by 14% from 2018 to 2028, suggesting long-term stability and growth, according to This is much faster than the average for other occupations, and will produce 1.9 million new jobs.

But if you’ve never worked as a per diem nurse before, you understandably may have a lot of questions. With that being said, let’s look into the top reasons why you should begin seeking a per diem nursing position.

1. Competitive Compensation

Perhaps one of the main reasons why people look into per diem nursing positions is that they offer competitive compensation, especially compared to typical nursing jobs. Many per diem nurses are compensated at a rate that is twice that which is offered to standard nurses. The average salary for a full time nurse is $43,170. A per diem nurse, on the other hand, could earn as much as $100,000. This in itself is a convincing argument for many to become a per diem nurse.

2. Schedule Control

A major reason why people choose to become per diem nurses is that they have a level of flexibility that is unavailable with standard nursing positions. Per diem nurses not only have flexibility regarding their schedules but regarding the locations in which they work, as well. They can often have more time off.

3. Tax Breaks

One of the biggest benefits of per diem nursing is the tax benefits that come with it. For example, per diem nurses can often deduct malpractice insurance from their taxes, as well as the costs of uniforms and cleaning costs, continuing education costs, the costs associated with licensing, phone, internet, and computer-related expenses, and any costs associated with job hunting.

4. Multiple Specialities

Per diem nurses are able to hone their skills in a variety of different specialties. While nursing, you can try different specialties and make choices that will improve your resume as you work.

You never know what you may experience as a per diem nurse — perhaps that variety is for you! For more information about these types of jobs, reach out to Concentric Healthcare Staffing. We are happy to get you up to speed on all of the benefits that come with being a per diem nurse.