Diagnostic testing and accurate interpretation of the testing are essential for precise diagnosis and in designing a treatment plan. A radiologist plays a key role in interpreting diagnostic imaging results. According to the World Health Organization, the United States spends about three times more on health care than any other country. Finding a reliable radiologist can help to pinpoint treatment and reduce the overall cost of health care. Look for these three characteristics in a radiologist.

1. Experience in Line With Needs

One of the most important characteristics to look for in a radiologist is the experience that is specific to your needs. For example, if this individual is reviewing X-rays full-time and not looking at other imaging reports, you need a professional that is highly experienced in interpreting X-rays.

If you need a professional that is an expert in other imaging like CAT scans or fMRI, then it would be important that the person you are considering has a high amount of experience interpreting those scans. Look for a niche experience in the field that is a good match.

2. A Passion for the Profession

A good radiologist will love what they do. Loving what you do often promotes continued education in the field. Professionals who love what they do will keep abreast of the latest standard operating procedures in the field and seek education in new technologies.

Of course, loving the field that you are in will also help with patient care. Enjoying helping people in their healthcare journey means that the professional is compassionate and caring towards patients. A positive attitude about their profession is an important characteristic.

3. Extensive Knowledge of Medical Terms and Practices

It is essential that an imaging expert can recognize an emergency based on imaging results. It is also important that the professional has a general knowledge of medical practices and terms and that they can report findings in terms familiar to other practitioners and make recommendations.

Choosing the right person for the job is essential for a healthcare team. The right candidate will embody all the characteristics listed here and more. Call us to learn more about how to choose the right radiologist for your needs today. Concentric Healthcare Staffing is a leading healthcare staffing agency based out of Phoenix that recruits and places medical professionals all over the country. We help professionals find their perfect match every day and recruit the highest quality staff for your facility.